„The Time to act is now!“

With a daily consumption of over 15 bilion liters of crude oil of the world population much more should go on the road.

Over 10 000 people demonstrated in the finnish capital Helsinki over the weekend. The climate march was triggered by a 15-year-old Swedish schoolgirl, Greta Thunberg. Greta Thunberg gave an impressive speech in front of the people.

Their statement, „We cannot save the world by the rules, the rules must change,“ is directed against the politics.

The 15-year-old attracted attention for the first time before the Swedish parliamentary elections in August. The young climate activist skipped school for her protest and handed out flyers to express her anger towards adults:

„I do this because you adults shit on my future.“

More and more people joined her protest.

In her speech, which is now much celebrated in social networks, Greta repeatedly refers to her fear of climate catastrophes – and describes how helpless she feels.

„The world uses and consumes 100 million barrels of oil a day. There are no laws to keep this oil in the ground.“

She also warns against thinking that countries like Sweden or Finland are only small countries that cannot change anything. And she calls on pupils not to go to school for a few weeks to protest.

What the 15-year-old Swedish girl does should motivate all pupils on 22nd November 2018.

„The time to act is now!“ and the motto „We the people“ by our foreign minister Heiko Maas at the 73rd UN general assembley in New York could be the guiding principles for the Student Climate Summit.

If action is not taken immediately, climate change will sustainably remind the next generations of the adults with climate refugee movments of biblical outmases.

The development of climate change is so frightening. An illustration that illustrates the scale of the disasters is shown in this NASA 3D video.


Source: https://www.bento.de/nachhaltigkeit/klimawandel-15-jaehrige-schwedin-kaempft-mit-the-time-to-act-is-now-a-3fb01f72-b260-41a2-8f9d-bf0347bcfaf8