If it doesn`t ring on the 22nd November in the city theatre but „beept“ – is this a good sign for the technology.

Instead of telephoning the 17-year-old Julia Hoffmann is reporting directly from the German School in Shanghai – at the other end of the world.

Julia Hoffmann is 17 years old, goes into the 12th grade and is connected via video conference like Marien Simaata, Florence Kandandu, Levy Muwana and Moses Tembo in Livingstone, Zambia. Everyone is talking about topics such as „CO² footprints“ and „mobility“.

A little curiosity on the side:

Google Maps is a bit overwhelmed with our project: If you enter the route from Bad Salzuflen to the German School Shanghai for a car, you see:

The route from „Spa and City Theatre Bad Salzuflen, Parkstraße, 32105 Bad Salzuflen“ to „1100 Ju Feng Lu, Pudong Xinqu, Shanghai Shi, China“ by car could not be calculated.

But the journey is actually overland.