„Together first“ – This is the motto with which our Foreign Minister Heiko Maas will address the United Nations on 28.09.2018 against nationalist tendencies in our world. The maxim on a global level is also the dominating thought „on a small scale“ – Bad Salzuflen.

True to our Student Climate Summit philosophy „Think global. Act local.“ we simply act with certainty.


„Climate knows no borders“

Extract from the daily topics of 29.09.2018

„In concrete terms, the German had to offer an additional 116 million euros to the world community for the UN refugee relief organization in order to cover the existing gap in aid for Syrian refugees. Others, Maas said, were also called for – „We the peoples“. That is what it means.

There is little that can be done alone, even when it comes to climate change. National action only, according to the motto „my country first“, reaches its limits – „simply because the climate does not know any“. For Maas, the fact that the USA has left the Paris Climate Treaty is more of a reason to raise the issue of climate change in the Security Council over the next two years as an issue for the security and stability of entire countries.


More, for all who are interested:

The speech of Heiko Maas, Foreign Minister of the Federal Republic of Germany, during the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly can be found here.