General News

26.09.2018: 22 „Masterplan 100% Climate Protection“ municipalities with 100 students come to Bad Salzuflen for the Student-Climate Summit

„From Flensburg to Oberallgäu, from Steinfurt to Potsdam and from Birkenfeld to Braunschweig“

This is only a small selection of the 22 Masterplan municipalities that take on long journeys to Bad Salzuflen to take place at the Student-Climate Summit for the 24th UN Climate Conference. The Masterplan municipalities are strengthening the Student-Climate Summit and the varied worksop program in the afternoon with around 100 students.

Because of the great work of Laura Schuster, Climatepact Lippe, the number of participants at the Student-Climate Summit is already taking shape in large steps.


10.09.2018: First Skype test with students in Zambia

Supported by Anna Büschemann, we have implemented our first Skype test to Zambia, South Africa with the students Moses,Marian, Florence and Levi on Friday 7th of september on 15:30 o`clock, without time difference. In order to optimze the picture quality in addition to the good sound quality, we are planning a second test, in which a wierd LAN connection on both sides should increase the picture quality.

More information about the Zambia trip, local activities and exiting pictures can be found here.


05.09.2018: For the first time two climate researchers at the Student-Climate Summit

Prof. Peter Lemke from the Alfred-Wegener-Institute, who can probably only be added to the Student-Climate Summit via video conference, will be represented by two colleagues on the special occasion.


With Dr. Klaus Grosfeld, Managing Director of the Helmholtz Climate Protection Initiative (Reklim) and climate researcher at the Alfred-Wegener-Institute and Dr. Tobias Bayr, climate researcher at the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research in Kiel, for the first time two climate researchers will support a Student-Climate Summit.

Dr. Klaus Grosfeld provides insights into climate research and explains among other things, how the CO² content of the atmosphere has been scientifically determined over the las 800 000 years. Dr. Tobias Bayr, who received his doctor in Australia, will explain, among other things, the effects of the increase in CO² emissions. The dangers of overacidification of the oceans will also be discussed, using the Great Barrier Reef as an example.


30.08.2018: Skype video conference with students from Shanghai

Cornelia Scherer, coordinator at the German School Shanghai Pudong, confirmed the Skype video interview on the 22nd of November 2018 in Bad Salzuflen. In the video interview, students from Shanghai will report live on the consequences of Climate Change in their home town.

The subject will be the CO² footprint of the metropolis in comparison to the CO² footprint of the entire Peoples`s of China.


24.08.2018: Skype video conference with young people from Zambia     

Anna Büschemann, Program Coordinator at the International Youth Network of the aid organisation „terre des hommes“ has set the course. In a Skype conference, young people from Zambia will report on Climate Change and Climate Protection in their home country.