With the „Green Picture Award“ on 22 November 2018, we will be awarding prizes for climate protection solutions from your city or district. We received such a „Green Picture“ from distant China.

What many people don’t know: China is on the right track to reduce CO² emissions.

It is not only the metropolis of Shenzen that is showing that China is increasingly setting an example in the field of electromobility. In the summer, a delegation from Berlin gathered information on site.

China is not only expanding its solar energy production, China is also relying on wind turbines. The photo of the beach on Tantou Island in the East China Sea, very close to Shanghai, is such a green picture.

Thanks to Conny Scherer, member of the didactic advisory board of the Student Climate Summit.

Explanation: As on the Danish CO² neutral island of Samsö, wind turbines on Tantou Island in the East China Sea provide renewable energy for the metropolises.

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