Prof. Peter Lemke from the Alfred-Wegener-Institute, who can probably only be added to the Student Climate Summit via video conference, will be represented by two colleagues on the special occasion.


With Dr. Klaus Grosfeld, Managing Director of the Helmholtz Climate Protection Initiative (Reklim) and climate researcher at the Alfred-Wegener-Institute and Dr. Tobias Bayr, climate researcher at the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research in Kiel, for the first time two climate researchers will support a Studen Climate Summit.

Dr. Klaus Grosfeld provides insights into climate research and explains among other things, how the CO² content of the atmosphere has been scientifically determined over the las 800 000 years. Dr. Tobias Bayr, who received his doctor in Australia, will explain, among other things, the effects of the increase in CO² emissions. The dangers of overacidification of the oceans will also be discussed, using the Great Barrier Reef as an example.